OUSH-OHPU Data Portal

Welcome to our Data Portal!

In this section, a range of interactive dashboards has been made available to address the unique challenges faced by displaced Ukrainians.

Pre-arrival Survey

The information collected from this survey helps inform policy decisions by the National Steering Committee of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven, and supports Ukrainians both before and after their arrival in Canada.

Access to Settlement Services

Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven provides an overview of the services and support offered to CUAET holders between April 2022 and March 2023. The data is aggregated by gender and age groups and is presented at the city level, offering detailed insights into various aspects, including demographics.

Ukrainian Arrivals in Canada

In coordination with the Government of Canada, Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven provides up-to-date information on the weekly arrival patterns of displaced Ukrainians in Canada.

Displaced Ukrainians in Canada

In order to allocate resources efficiently and effectively, it is vital to comprehend the settlement patterns of displaced Ukrainians who arrive in Canada. Understanding how displaced Ukrainians choose their new locations allows policymakers and organizations to make informed decisions when distributing resources.