Displaced Ukrainians in Canada

Our visualization aims to provide valuable support to our partners, helping them understand the settlement patterns of displaced Ukrainians who have arrived in Canada. By presenting a clear picture of their distribution across the country, we empower stakeholders with critical insights to enhance their assistance efforts.

To create an accurate profile of current displaced Ukrainian arrivals, we have utilized two key datasets:

  • Number of Displaced Ukrainians Requesting Transitional Financial Assistance by Province/Territory: this data, sourced from Employment and Social Development Canada, offers an overview of the regions where displaced Ukrainians are seeking transitional financial support. By analyzing these figures, we gain crucial insights into the economic aspects of their settlement patterns.
  • Number of Displaced Ukrainians Registering for Provincial-Territorial Health Services by Province/Territory: Sourced from Province/Territory Health data, this dataset sheds light on the locations where displaced Ukrainians are registering for essential healthcare services. Understanding their healthcare needs is vital for providing tailored support.

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