Mental Health Resources

We recognize the emotional toll and challenges Ukrainians encounter as they leave their homes behind to flee the devastating war. To provide the necessary support during this difficult time, we have compiled an extensive list of mental health resources available across Canada, as well as within different provinces and territories. These resources are dedicated to offering crucial mental health assistance to those in need.

Canada-wide Supports

  • Visit the Mental Health Commission of Canada for a selection of comprehensive resources
  • In collaboration with psychologists, mental health professionals, careers and academic advisors, Maple Hope Foundation is committed to improving the emotional and mental well-being of displaced Ukrainians in Canada through the Healing the Wounds of the War Together program.
  • Use the Wellness Together Canada Companion app to complete a self-assessment and access Wellness Together Canada resources from mobile devices
  • Kids Help Phone offers phone support to children and youth by calling 1-800-668-6868. Kids Help Phone is available 24/7 in English, French, Ukrainian, and Russian
  • Hope4Ukraine app offers support to those experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression triggered by the war in Ukraine

Territorial and Provincial Supports


The Government of Alberta is working closely with the Federal Government and the Red Cross to understand how we can best support adult and children evacuees in Alberta and those we expect to arrive in the coming weeks. We know that many evacuees will have complex healthcare needs and compromised mental and physical health. We are prepared to meet those needs, in ways that are culturally safe and supportive, and will continue to prepare for what lies ahead.

If you are worried, reach out; call the Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-303-2642, visit Wellness Together Canada or review this resource for a list of additional mental health and addiction supports.

The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) is proudly offering educational workshops, counselling, and information to help you overcome the mental health challenges of this period. (

Mental Health Brochure in Ukrainian (Calgary)

Multicultural Health Brokers poster in Ukrainian

British Columbia

Through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel newcomers can access Mental health supports and trauma counselling services. Additionally, the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture (VAST) provides trauma-focused psychological counselling to refugees and other newcomers who have experienced trauma due to torture, political violence, or another traumatic event. By calling 310-­6789 or 2-1-1, Ukrainian and Russian interpretation is available. The Mental Health Foundation offers a program called Hope4Ukraine, a free text-based mental health resource for Canadians in 4 languages.

VICCIR is ready to welcome any immigrant or refugee seeking mental health support as a result of the crisis in Ukraine. Anyone affected by this crisis who was born outside of Canada (or for youth, whose parents were born outside of Canada) can contact VICCIR and receive counselling as an individual, couple or family. We offer services on a sliding scale of fees. Our counsellors work with a team of interpreters so support is offered in a wide variety of languages. Please reach out by email ( or phone (778-404-1777) if you need help.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. has launched a dedicated help line in B.C. to support Ukrainian arrivals from the war-torn country who are settling in the province.

The Ukrainian Help Line service is now available 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends to serve the Ukrainian-speaking community, particularly newcomers to the province who arrived under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program. Services are available by calling 1 (888) 721 0596 Ext. 5.


Counsellors and mental health workers can help people who are feeling alone and will talk through ways to support mental health. Counsellors are trained professionals who work with psychiatrists and psychologists who can help people cope. Ukrainians can talk to a system navigator to help connect them to the best mental health supports by calling 431-489-1728 (English), or 204-804-3626 (English/Ukrainian/Russian).

See the following resources:

New Brunswick

Mental health is an important part of our general health and personal well-being. Mental illness is not the opposite of mental health. Having good mental health while living with a mental illness or substance use problem is possible. Likewise, it is possible to have poor mental health without having mental illness or substance dependence. Learn more here.

How do I access mental health services in New Brunswick?
According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, there are two options when accessing the mental health system in New Brunswick; the first is through an individual’s family physician. That physician will assess the individual and decide whether to treat alone or provide a referral to a psychiatrist or counsellor. The second is self-referral to a mental health centre.

You can access counselling services if your workplace has an Employee Assistance Program.

In New Brunswick, waiting lists are a reality. Wait times vary depending on the severity of the problem, where you live and how many people are seeking treatment in your region.

Note: The Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick does not provide professional counselling services.

Information and referral service

If you would like to learn how to access the mental health system, find out about self-help groups, Activity Centers, or the programs and activities available to support personal growth and development, you can contact the Canadian Mental Health Association.


Newfoundland and Labrador

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced that all Ukrainians who enter into Canada under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel and special family reunification sponsorship pathway will be provided Medical Care Plan (MCP) coverage, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Plan (NLPDP) coverage, for the duration of their visa ( This includes the Mental Health services.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Health Mental Health and Addictions Program

Mental Health and Wellness, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line (Nova Scotia Health)

Mental health crisis support in Halifax (Halifax Regional Police)

Northwest Territories

Information regarding mental health resources for displaced Ukrainians in the Northwest Territories will be updated as it becomes available.


Department of Health: Mental Health


The Walk-In Counselling Clinic

No referral is required for this free walk-in counselling service, offered at 10 online and in-person locations. People are assisted on a first-come, first-served basis. Find the nearest service provider and learn more about the services offered below.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Mental Health and Addictions Services – Don’t wait. Trained professionals are available 24/7. Call 833-553-6983 or visit the website above.


The Montreal Ukrainian Wellness Program offers, free of charge and in several languages : 

  • – Support groups, in person and online, as well as activities for teens and children;  
  • – Dance-movement and Tai chi sessions to help release emotions; 
  • – Psychotherapy in English, French and Ukrainian in collaboration with the McGill Ukraine Initiative and RIVO.  

Health check on arrival. Make an appointment to meet with nursing and social work professionals who will assess your physical health and well-being, and provide you with information and refer you to health network resources based on your needs.  

Mental health services and care:   

The Montreal Ukrainian Wellness Program

Health check on arrival

Quebec Mental health help and support resources

211 Quebec


Seeking Professional Help
There are resources and supports services available to help you determine how and when to seek professional help for yourself, for a friend, or family member with a mental health issue. It’s also important to know your rights under The Mental Health Services Act.

  1. How and When to Seek Professional Help
  2. Access to Mental Health Services
  3. Personal Rights and Mental Health

211 Saskatchewan


Mental health and support services in the Yukon:

Yukon Government

Canadian Mental Health Association

Yukon Counselling and Psychotherapy

211 Yukon