Crowdfunding for service provider organizations

Why should re/settlement agencies create a fundraising campaign under the fundraising campaign of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven?

The Ukrainian newcomers to Canada and other displaced people who have been displaced by war in their country face numerous challenges as they try to rebuild their lives in a new and unfamiliar environment.

They face critical challenges such as housing, getting quality food, clothing, employment, language and transportation, which makes it difficult for them and their families to afford their settlement here in Canada. 

Canada, known for its multiculturalism and compassionate approach towards refugees and newcomers, has various support systems to assist these individuals. And one of those ways is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms offer an effective way to raise funds for specific causes and campaigns. In addition, by organizing and participating in crowdfunding initiatives specifically targeted toward assisting Ukrainian newcomers and other displaced people, individuals can help address their immediate needs, such as accessing food, housing, clothing, and transportation. 

Donating through crowdfunding helps address the immediate needs of Ukrainian newcomers and other displaced people, raises awareness about their situation, and encourages collective action to support and integrate them into Canadian society. It is an empowering way for individuals to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict and displacement. 

Enhanced Visibility

By creating a campaign under the main campaign of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven, you can leverage the existing exposure and visibility generated by the main campaign. This means a broader audience will see your fundraising efforts, including individuals already supporting the main campaign. It allows one to tap into an existing network and gain greater exposure.

Increased Donor Engagement

By creating a campaign under the main campaign of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven, donors have the opportunity to support multiple causes within a single platform (fundrazr). This streamlined approach makes it easier for donors to discover and contribute to various causes they care about.

Create your own crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding Orientation Session - August 16, 2023


Fundrazr guideline 

  1. What percentage of donations will go towards the needs of displaced Ukrainians?  
    • We strive to allocate the maximum possible donations directly to displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need. We maintain low administrative costs to ensure that a significant portion of your donation now supports displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need.  
    • A 10% administrative fee will be retained from cash donations.
  2. How will the donations be distributed?
    • Funds given to a general campaign and not to a specific campaign created by a service provider organization will be distributed equitably based on government data showing displaced Ukrainians’ location in Canada.
  3. How can re/settlement agencies create a campaign in fundrazr under the fundraising campaign of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven? 

Below are a few steps and tips to get you started.  

  • Step 1. Look for Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven on the FundRazr Platform  

There are different ways to support displaced war Ukrainians and other displaced people in need through our crowdfunding campaigns in FundRazr.  

First, find Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven and its campaigns here:

Donate to all the campaigns you care about and help us to share the campaigns through your social media using the links provided by each social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email, copy the link to share in any messenger app, or get the link to embed it in your website).   

  • Step 2. Create a FundRazr account 

If you prefer, you can also create your campaign inside the existing campaigns of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven; you need to create a FundRazr account here:, give your email and name, create a password and join our team. 

  • Step 3. Getting started  

To create a campaign, you’ll need to start your team.  

  • Step 4. Final steps and recommendations 

After you sign up, you’ll see the screenshot below.  

      1. For the “team name and picture,” it’s recommended that you use your organization’s name and logo. 
      2. “Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven” will appear in the “Add a title” box. You can delete it and add your title.

During the creation of your campaign, you’ll see the screenshot below. The logo of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven will appear in the “Picture – Add a picture to represent your project…” section. You can replace the picture with a picture you want to use.  

 If you face troubleshooting, please get in touch with us at

To download a one-pager in PDF to distribute between your partners, click here.