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Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven is committed to providing aid and assistance to displaced Ukrainians and others facing challenging circumstances. Your donation can directly impact the lives of those affected by displacement, making a tangible difference in their journey to rebuild and thrive.

When you donate to Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven, your contribution goes towards supporting non-profit settlement organizations. These dedicated organizations work tirelessly to uplift and support displaced individuals, including Ukrainians and others in need. By pooling resources, these organizations create meaningful improvements and provide much-needed assistance to those facing hardships.

Join us in making a tangible difference today. Your generosity will be channelled towards initiatives that address the immediate needs of displaced Ukrainians and other affected individuals. From offering shelter and access to essential services to providing language assistance and cultural orientation, your donation directly contributes to positive change.


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What percentage of my donation will go towards the needs of displaced Ukrainians? 

  • We strive to allocate the maximum possible donations directly to displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need. We maintain low administrative costs to ensure that a significant portion of your donation now supports displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need. 
  • A 10% administrative fee will be retained from financial donations.

Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt? 

  • For contributions exceeding $20, official tax-deductible receipts will be issued.   Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received it. 

How are donations distributed to the non-profit organizations supporting displaced Ukrainians in Canada? 

  • Distribution is equitable based on government data showing where displaced Ukrainians are located in Canada. 

Are there any recurring donation options? 

  • Yes, we offer the option to set up recurring monthly donations. This allows you to make a sustained impact by supporting displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need over an extended period. You can choose the recurring donation option before clicking the “Donate Now” button.  

How can I stay updated on the impact of my donation? 

  • We value transparency and strive to keep our donors informed; you can see our distribution visualization above.