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When displaced Ukrainians arrived in Canada, they had to abandon their possessions, creating a need for financial support. Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven works with non-profit organizations supporting displaced Ukrainians. By donating, you can improve the lives of displaced Ukrainians supported by these non-profit organizations.  

Upon receiving your donation, Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven distributes it to the non-profit settlement organizations it works with and that are supporting Ukrainians in need. The non-profit settlement organizations, based on their learnings, use the donations to make life better for displaced Ukrainians. 


What percentage of my donation will go towards the needs of displaced Ukrainians? 

  • Administrative costs are not deducted from your donation since Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  
  • A 10% administrative fee will be retained from cash donations.

Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt? 

  • For contributions exceeding $20, official tax-deductible receipts will be issued. 

How are donations distributed to the non-profit organizations supporting displaced Ukrainians in Canada? 

  • Distribution is equitable based on government data showing where displaced Ukrainians are located in Canada.