The Team

Chris Friesen, Acting Co-Executive Director of CISSA-ACSEI

Chris has long been recognized as a leader in the refugee and immigrant sector across Canada and has been at the forefront of major refugee resettlement initiatives in British Columbia and Canada. Chris is the Chief Operating Officer of ISSofBC and an integral member of national bodies as the Acting Co-Executive Director of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance - Alliance canadienne du secteur de l'emploi des immigrants (CISSA-ACSEI) and co-president of the National Settlement and Integration Council.

Katie Crocker, Acting Co-Executive Director of CISSA-ACSEI

Throughout her career, Katie has built and nurtured strong partnerships with nonprofits, governments, businesses, educational institutions and communities. As Co-Executive Director of CISSA-ACSEI, Katie provides strategic vision for Ukraine's Safe Haven operation and oversees the team and logistics functions. Katie is the CEO of AMSSA, the umbrella organization for the settlement and integration sector in British Columbia, and provides strategic oversight to various programs and a collaborative team.

Thomas Reydellet, Program Manager

Thomas oversees the work of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven, ensures project components align with the strategic vision and manages the team. Thomas monitors the budget, ensures tasks are on schedule and maintains communication with key stakeholders.

Nangyalai Tanai, Corporate Donations Manager

Nangyalai develops and implements engagement and fundraising strategies and builds relationships with corporate donors. Nangyalai refers and coordinates the distribution of donations received by individuals and by ISED at provincial and territorial hubs.

Sergio Vazquez Carvajal, Project Coordinator

Sergio provides logistical support for Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven online and in-person events and meetings. Sergio creates infographics, maintains a comprehensive FAQ, and ensures all inquiries are answered in a timely manner.

Jun Cho, Data Analyst

Jun manages the voluntary Notification of Arrivals Transmission survey collecting information on Ukrainians willing to relocate to Canada, and turns data into information and into insights to inform policy decisions.

Navarre Bailey, Desired Control, Digital Communication Consultant

Navarre supports Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven by defining strategic communications, promoting dynamic campaigns, engaging with stakeholders on social media and implementing a visual identity.

Ruslan Kurt, Digital Communication Consultant

Ruslan supports Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven by developing audiovisual stories that feature the successes of the operation while highlighting the human impact of the work of various stakeholders.

Tristan Schnetzler, Digital Communication Specialist

Tristan creates social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and grows CISSA-ACSEI's social media channels.