Corporate Donations

The Government of Canada partnered with Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven/Opération havre de paix pour les Ukrainiens (OUSH-OHPU) and the national network of settlement organizations to extend direct and critical support to displaced individuals in need. This collaboration aims to offer a lifeline to those displaced from Ukraine, fostering a smooth integration into Canadian society.

Since the ‘Canadian Industry for Ukraine’ donation portal’s launch in May 2022, Canadian businesses have continually stepped forward to offer their support and generosity. Unless otherwise required by corporate donors, donations received by Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven are made available to support displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need.

The operation coordinates the allocation and distribution of the donated resources, ensuring that the support reaches those who need it the most.

Corporate Donations

Canadian businesses are invited to donate goods and services through the portal.

Cash Donations

Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven is accepting and redistributing cash donations from Canadian businesses across the country.

Corporate Donations Manual

Please see our Corporate Donations Manual for more information.

For an overview of the needs, please click on the image below.


Promoting accountability and transparency, Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven provides a holistic overview of the allocation and distribution of generosity by Canadian Businesses.

Here are quick notes that guide the allocation and distribution efforts:

  1. Accessibility: Donations will be accessed by displaced Ukrainians and other refugees in need.
  2. Coverage: Provinces are selected based on either donors’ conditions, including their presence in the province(s) or available data, including Transitional Financial Assistance data from Employment and Social Development Canada, which shows percentages of displaced Ukrainians who applied for financial assistance in each province or territory.

Donation Allocations Dashboard

Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven/Opération havre de paix pour les Ukrainiens coordinates the allocation and distribution of the donations through the network of local service providers in each province.

Donor Impact Reports

Explore the tangible impact of generous contributions in our donation impact reports.

Loblaw's Ukrainian Initiative

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