Displaced Ukrainians in Canada

The following visualization intends to support our partners in understanding the settlement patterns of displaced Ukrainians arriving in Canada and give a picture of where displaced Ukrainians are settling in Canada. Several datasets are used to piece together a profile of current arrivals, including :

  • Number of applications to the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel and number of applications approved (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada data)
  • Number of displaced Ukrainians requesting transitional financial assistance by Province/Territory (Employment and Social Development Canada data)
  • Number of displaced Ukrainians registering for provincial-territorial health services by Province/Territory (Province/Territory Health data)
  • Intentions of displaced Ukrainians to settle by Province/Territory and by City from the 2022 pre-arrival survey

In order to reach an in-depth understanding of Ukrainian settlement in Canada, this map also presents data related to Ukrainian Canadians already living in Canada prior to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia (2021 Census data).