Press Release

May 25, 2022

WestJet Donates 500 Domestic Flights to Assist Displaced Ukrainians Upon Arrival to Canada

In partnership with the Government of Canada and the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA-ACSEI), WestJet announced, today, that the airline is donating domestic flights to assist displaced Ukrainians with onward domestic connections upon their arrival in Canada.

To assist Ukrainians in need of air travel, WestJet has provided 500 domestic oneway flights to any WestJet destination in Canada to ensure they reach their final destinations across the country with ease. The airline will also waive all taxes, third party and baggage fees associated with these vouchers.

Upon arrival in Canada, Ukrainians seeking to be relocated to other cities or provinces, will be provided with free domestic flights. This generous donation of WestJet is coordinated by CISSA-ACSEI and the provincial/territorial network of settlement agencies on the ground.

Recognizing Canadians’ generosity and the interest expressed by companies in supporting Canada’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada launched the new Canadian Industry for Ukraine donation portal which provides a simple way for businesses to submit their offers, and to check it regularly for possible updates to the list of priority items.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

“The collective support from Canadians who have stepped up to support Ukrainians fleeing the war has been heartwarming, and I am grateful to WestJet for offering domestic flights in order to help Ukrainian refugees reach their final destinations. This new initiative coordinated by CISSA-ACSEI will help thousands of Ukrainians travel safely within Canada. We will continue to do everything we can to support Ukrainians before and after they arrive in Canada.”

The Honourable Sean Fraser –Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

“Our government will continue to help those in need as they flee conflict and seek safety. That’s why we have been there to support the people of Ukraine in light of the unjustified and horrific actions of Vladimir Putin. With our donation portal, we are encouraging companies to lend their support and help those who are finding a new home here in Canada. I’m grateful to WestJet for their generosity, they are joining other Canadian companies who are stepping up and answering the call.”

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne –Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry


“This crisis has demonstrated that whether it is providing much needed flights or distributing humanitarian aid, we all have a role in supporting those in need. WestJet is proud to continue our relief efforts by providing 500 domestic flights to support Ukrainian refugees in reaching their final destination upon their arrival to Canada.”

Angela Avery –Executive Vice-President, External Affairs. WestJet


“CISSA ACSEI is thrilled that WestJet has stepped up with a donation of 500 oneway airline vouchers supporting displaced Ukrainians arriving on chartered flights who intend to settle in other provinces have onward transportation needs to reach their final destination.”

Chris Friesen –Interim co-Executive Director, Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance Canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA ACSEI)


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