Press Release

February 23rd, 2023

VIA Rail contributes $20,000 in Travel Assistance to Support Displaced Ukrainians in Canada

In partnership with the Government of Canada and the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA-ACSEI), VIA Rail announced, today, that the corporation will provide $20,000 in travel tickets to assist displaced Ukrainians with travel in Canada.

The contribution will be used to assist displaced Ukrainians in travel in the corridor going from Quebec City to Windsor as they find safety in their new communities in Canada.

VIA Rail, CISSA ACSEI and its network of settlement agencies will work to assist and support displaced Ukrainians and their families to reach their home destination.

Recognizing Canadians’ generosity and the interest expressed by companies in supporting Canada’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, the Government of Canada launched the new Canadian Industry for Ukraine donation portal which provides a simple way for businesses to submit their offers, and to check it regularly for possible updates to the list of priority items.


VIA Rail

“We are proud to work with CISSA-ACSEI on this meaningful initiative and contribute to the support of Ukrainian newcomers by offering them travel to connect them to the beautiful communities in their new home.  We cannot wait to offer them a warm welcome onboard our trains, and we hope that this initiative will make their arrival to Canada the most pleasant possible.”

Martin R Landry – President and CEO of VIA Rail CANADA


“We are grateful to partner with VIA Rail on this important initiative. Travel can be a powerful tool to get to know places and learn about people and culture. CISSA-ACSEI will work closely with settlement agencies across the country to connect Ukrainian newcomers with the travel assistance they need to reach their final destinations. We believe that VIA Rail’s donation will have a huge difference in the lives of displaced Ukrainians as they navigate their new home in Canada.”

Katie Crocker, Interim co-Executive Director, Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance Canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA ACSEI)


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