Press Release

April 13, 2022

Operation Ukraine Safe Haven Launches Pan Canadian Post Arrival Support Framework to Welcome Displaced Ukrainians Arriving in Canada

Many Displaced Ukrainians had to leave everything behind due to the war. The need for comprehensive post arrival support is critical to ensure they have a helping hand to adjust to life in Canada.

TWith a focus across the country on supporting displaced Ukrainians arriving as temporary residents, the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSAACSEI) has established the Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven (OUSH) National Secretariat with financial support of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The OUSH National Secretariat is launching today a national response hub – a centralized portal to reinforce initiatives emerging from Provincial-Territorial service coordination tables. Through the National Secretariat website, Canadians will be able to obtain the latest information on the Ukrainian humanitarian movement, submit volunteer offers directly to their respective Province/Territory service coordination table, provide home sharing, temporary and other permanent housing offers, provide employment offers, and make a financial charitable tax receipted donation towards displaced Ukrainians and other displaced populations in need in Canada. Additionally, the website will feature a multilingual (English, French, Ukrainian and Russian) “I need help” page that will connect Ukrainians to the support available where they live in Canada including free English/French language classes, first language supports, employment assistance services, etc. The website is a work in progress with the first phase scheduled for completion later this month. Future features will include a donation portal for Industry Canada/Corporate Canada donations according to current urgent needs.

The National Secretariat is expecting significant traffic and inquiries. To manage the anticipated volume, the National Secretariat has launched several social media channels for various purposes. Register on the National Secretariat Social Media channel to receive updates.

Instagram @CISSA_ACSEI

Under the National Secretariat, a National Steering Committee consisting of over 100 key stakeholders across Canada including Federal Government Departments, Provincial-Territorial Governments, network of settlement organizations, Provincial-Territorial Service Coordination Tables, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Canadian Red Cross, Immigration Employment Council, Local Immigration Partnership Tables and other stakeholders are meeting weekly to build post arrival systems, supports and emergency contingency plans to ensure displaced Ukrainians have the best possible start in this country.

This is an historic moment in Canadian history unlike any other displaced humanitarian movement to this country. Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven is an “all of Canada work in progress” that calls on all of us to come together to find solutions to complicated issues such as access to affordable housing options. Together, we can provide robust post arrival supports. Let us Stand-Up for Ukraine.


“The world has watched in shock as Russian armed forces have invaded and assaulted the sovereign country of Ukraine. Working with our partners, including provinces and territories, settlement organizations, the business community, and the Ukrainian-Canadian community, our government will do everything we can to support Ukrainians over the course of their stay in Canada. We thank the settlement sector for once again stepping up to support newcomers in need. I am confident that the actions we are taking demonstrate our ongoing and determined support for the people of Ukraine.”

Honourable Sean Fraser –Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

“The Province of British Columbia’s priority is to ensure that every newcomer who arrives in B.C. has access to the services and supports they need as they adjust to life in Canada. As people arrive, we are able to connect them with the supports they need through teamwork between the settlement sector, the broader nonprofit sector, the Ukrainian community, and government.”

Honourable Nathan Cullen –Minister of Municipal Affairs

“Building upon decades of experience, the network of settlement agencies across Canada are ready to pivot and provide a wealth of post arrival supports to displaced Ukrainians to ensure they receive a warm welcome and a helping hand as they adjust to life in this country”

Chris Friesen –Interim co-Executive Director, Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance Canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA ACSEI)

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