2 years since war began, how Ukrainians are building a home in Canada

2 years since war began, how Ukrainians are building a home in Canada | Global News | Posted February 22, 2024

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In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a significant number of Ukrainians have arrived in Canada. This article explores the journey of Ukrainian individuals in Canada, focusing on their resilience, challenges, and the support they receive, with special insights from Sarosh Rizvi, Executive Director of Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven.

Peter Schturyn, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, highlights the difficulties many Ukrainians encounter, including the loss of homes and the uncertainty of their future. Despite initial support through programs like the Canada Ukraine Authorization of Emergency Travel (CUAET), the impending closure of such initiatives adds to their uncertainty.

Sarosh Rizvi underscores the complexities of Canada’s immigration system, noting the challenges Ukrainians face in obtaining permanent residency. High legal fees and bureaucratic obstacles hinder their path to stability despite recent funding announcements aimed at providing legal assistance.

Sarosh Rizvi emphasizes the need for mental health support while housing affordability remains a significant challenge, particularly in urban centers.

Displaced Ukrainians remain steadfast in preserving their cultural heritage and fostering community connections despite the challenges. Celebrating traditions serves as a source of resilience and solidarity, even as they navigate the complexities of resettlement.

The journey of Ukrainians in Canada is marked by resilience, perseverance, and a determination to build new lives amidst adversity. Despite the hurdles, Ukrainians continue to demonstrate strength and resilience as they forge new homes and communities in Canada.