Alimentation Couche-Tard Donation to displaced Ukrainians arriving in Canada under the ‘Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel’



As part of the Government of Canada’s resolute support to Ukrainians, the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) was introduced in March 2022 to support the people of Ukraine by offering Ukrainians a temporary status and ability to work, study and stay in Canada until it is safe for them to return home.

Recognizing Canadians’ generosity and the interest expressed by Canadian businesses in supporting Canada’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) launched the Canadian Industry for Ukraine donation portal in early May 2022.  The portal offers Canadian businesses the opportunity to donate high-priority goods and services to support displaced Ukrainians and other displaced people in need who are making Canada their home.

This report elaborates on the donations management process as guided by CISSA-ACSEI’s Corporate Donation Manual, the allocation and distribution of donations informed by data, along with impact stories from the ground.

This report is also available in PDF format.


Distribution Process

Alimentation Couche-Tard, one of the four launch partners of ISED’s “Canadian Industry for Ukraine donation portal”, donated a generous $25,000 in gift cards (500 gift cards of $50 denominations).

CISSA-ACSEI worked with eleven provincial and territorial coordinating partners to allocate and coordinate the donations (see Annex 1: Corporate Donation Process Map). To ensure equity between provinces and territories, donations were allocated based on available data, including Financial Assistance data from Employment and Social Development Canada that provides statistics of displaced Ukrainians who applied for financial assistance in each province or territory. In coordination with provincial and territorial partners, settlement agencies distributed the donated items directly to displaced Ukrainians in their communities.

Gift cards were mailed to provincial and territorial coordinating partners, who allocated them to the relevant settlement agencies for distribution to displaced Ukrainians and other people in need.

In total, 500 gift cards were distributed throughout the country:

  • By 55 settlement agencies in all Canadian provinces
  • In 40 different cities/communities
  • From larger cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, to smaller centres
  • Approximately *821 individuals benefited from these gift cards
    (*Assuming that each family received 1.4 gift cards and that the average family size of displaced Ukrainians is 2.3 people, as reported by CISSA-ACSEI’s post-arrival survey.)
ESDC Financial Assistance (%)  (data from June 14, 2022)ONABQCBCMBSKNSNBNLPEINU, YK, YT
Total gift cards500240805858261499420

Table 1: Allocation process of the donation informed by ESDC’s Financial Assistance Data

Distribution Visualization

CISSA-ACSEI created an interactive map to visualize the distribution of gift cards donated by Alimentation Couche-Tard

The chart below illustrates the number of gift cards distributed by province. The quantities were determined by ESDC’s Transitional Financial Assistance Data.

The Impact "in their words..."

To raise awareness and highlight the remarkable stories and contributions of Canadian businesses in providing their support to displaced Ukrainians in Canada, CISSA-ACSEI has developed a video series to share the human side of migration stories—to help to provide context behind the numbers and encourage more businesses to get involved.

These stories show different perspectives, whether hearing directly from displaced Ukrainians, the volunteers who are lending a hand, or the settlement workers coordinating on the ground.

Due to financial limitations, videos are not professionally shot. The videos are shared on CISSA-ACSEI’s online platforms, including web and social media.

Given the sensitive nature of the war in Ukraine, participants were offered the choice to not reveal their identities.”

Thank you, Merci Alimentation Couche-Tard! Дякую!

CISSA-ACSEI, the Government of Canada, provincial and territorial coordinating partners, settlement agencies join their voices to those of displaced Ukrainians to thank Alimentation Couche-Tard for its generous donation and the impact it has had in the lives of displaced people in need. Дякую!

Corporate Donations Process Map