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February 22, 2023

Flair Airlines Offers 400 Flight Vouchers to Assist Ukrainians with Travel

Canada’s everyday low-fare airline, Flair Airlines, donated 400 gift of flight vouchers to assist displaced Ukrainians with onward domestic connections upon their arrival in Canada.

Flair Airlines donated 400 domestic one-way flights to any city or province in Canada to assist Ukrainians in need of air travel reach their final destinations across the country with ease. The airline will also waive all taxes, third party and baggage fees associated with these vouchers.

Upon arrival in Canada, Ukrainians seeking to be relocated to other cities or provinces will be provided with free domestic flights. This generous donation of Flair Airlines is coordinated by CISSA-ACSEI and its provincial and territorial network of settlement agencies on the ground.

Recognizing Canadians’ generosity and the interest expressed by companies in supporting Canada’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, the Government of Canada launched the new Canadian Industry for Ukraine donation portal which provides a simple way for businesses to submit their offers, and to check it regularly for possible updates to the list of priority items.


Flair Airlines

“Flair Airlines is pleased to help Ukrainian refugees with these complimentary flights, reuniting them with family and friends in cities across Canada on our network. We believe they will find a warm welcome, safety and well-being, and good opportunities for them and their families in these Canadian communities.”

Stephen Jones –President and CEO of Flair Airlines


“We are thrilled that the Flair Airlines has offered 400 gift of flight vouchers. This act of generosity will help displaced Ukrainians reach their final destinations and start their new lives in Canada. This contribution will make a meaningful impact in the lives of the newcomers we serve.”

Chris Friesen –Interim co-Executive Director, Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance Canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA ACSEI)

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Formed in March 2005, the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance – Alliance canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA-ACSEI) is a convening body of diverse national settlement sector voices that engages with government and other stakeholders on various aspects related to the settlement and integration of newcomers in Canada.