Housing Offers

The coordination of short and longer term housing offers is handled by each province or territory. Information in this section is updated as local systems get in place.

While there are many spontaneous social media channels being created to support displaced Ukrainians with housing needs, we promote the need for criminal record checks and housing site visits in advance to ensure housing offers are appropriate. This is specifically related to families in Canada willing to open up their homes with bedroom(s) and/or suites within the primary residence.

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If you would like to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians arriving in Alberta, you can visit the dedicated page for Ukrainian arrivals on the website of the government of Alberta. You can also fill out the Ukraine Housing Survey of AAISA and CSS.

Government of Alberta

Ukraine Housing Survey of AAISA and CSS

Ukrainians in Alberta

British Columbia

Please visit bc211’s United for Ukraine website and fill out the United for Ukraine Housing Intake Form. The purpose of this form is to collect the information needed to connect you with settlement organizations that are supporting Ukrainians with available housing as they arrive to BC. A Criminal Record Check is required. It’s a simple process to complete and it’s free.

United for Ukraine Housing Intake Form

United for Ukraine | bc211


To support initial shelter needs and connection to settlement services, Manitoba has established a central reception centre for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Manitoba. The centre provides:

  • temporary accommodations and meals to individuals who have no connection to individuals in Manitoba;
  • initial intake services to determine individual and family needs;
  • access to co-ordinated health-care services through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and registration for Manitoba health cards; and
  • registration, brief orientation and referral services through Manitoba Start to facilitate access to settlement supports that link people to language training, the workforce and longer-term settlement needs.

For inquiries about services for Ukrainians in Manitoba visit Manitoba4Ukraine or dial 2-1-1. If you are outside of Manitoba, located in another province or outside of Canada, call 1-855-275-1197.

For permanent housing, the provincial government is partnering with New Journey Housing to work with Ukrainian individuals and families to match clients with appropriate permanent accommodations. New Journey Housing is a Winnipeg based agency that assists newcomers to find housing and has resources to support newcomers to rent or purchase housing, and manage their money. For information on finding housing or offers from landlords, please contact New Journey Housing.

New Journey Housing

New Brunswick

If you want to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians arriving in New Brunswick, please fill out the Volunteer Host Intake Form of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.

Volunteer Host Intake Form

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Government of NL is working with the Association for New Canadians to support housing needs in the province. Please email ukrainianfamily@gov.nl.ca for more information or register for the Ukrainian Settlement Service Registration.

Ukrainian Settlement Service Registration

Nova Scotia

If you are a Landlord or Registered Business please fill out the “I Want to offer Housing” form.

If you are interested in offering space within your home to host war-displaced Ukrainians, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Nova Scotia Branch (UCC NS) is facilitating a hosting/homestay program which will match arriving Ukrainians with vetted Canadian hosts. Please fill out their Nova Scotia host intake form.

"I Want to offer Housing" form

UCC Nova Scotia Host Intake Form

Northwest Territories

As you get settled you will want to find a more permanent place to live. In the larger centres, you will have options to rent or buy a house or apartment. In smaller communities the housing options may be limited. If you are moving to a smaller community for an employment opportunity, your employer may be able to arrange accommodation. You can refer to page 23 of the resource booklet for newcomers “Welcome to the NWT”.

Welcome to the NWT


Information about how to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians arriving in Nunavut will be updated as it becomes available.


If you would like to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians and other newcomers arriving in Ontario, you can submit a housing assistance offer on the portal to support newcomers arriving in Ontario of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

Housing Assistance Offer for Newcomers to Ontario

Prince Edward Island

Information about how to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians arriving in Prince Edward Island will be updated as it becomes available.


Information about how to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians arriving in Quebec will be updated as it becomes available.


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Saskatchewan acts as the gateway for Ukrainians arriving in Saskatchewan. If you would like to offer their house to displaced Ukrainians, please fill out the form of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Saskatchewan.

UCC-SK is the point of contact for Ukrainians seeking accommodation in Saskatchewan. Ukrainians seeking accommodations should visit the UCC-SK website and complete the registration form.

The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) has housing units available in both rural and urban communities across the province that can support displaced Ukrainians. SHC will work with community partners and local housing authorities to connect refugees in need with safe housing as they become settled in Saskatchewan. Families, individuals or community organizations can phone SHC at 1-800-667-7567 to apply for housing support.

Housing Offer Form of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Saskatchewan


For more information on housing in the Yukon, you can access the website of the Yukon.

Housing in the Yukon